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Best Quality Organic Honey

It is a revolutionary product and one of the most demanded types of honey.

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Qualityful Honey To Be Always On Demand

We take care to all process so, this is our trusted raw honey made with 100% purity.

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Welcome to RBF Pharma

RBF Pharma is a well-known wholesale honey provider in India. We've been in business for over a decade and are also heavily involved in agricultural and animal husbandry service activities. We are one of the company's largest organic honey suppliers due to our extensive experience in the beekeeping industry..

Furthermore, we are well regarded as being cutting-edge in our services, which makes us glad to distinguish ourselves from other organic honey providers in India. Thus, we are remembered as one of the pioneer wholesalers who deals to serve PURITY at its BEST, thanks to our strict practise, pure dedication, and regularly updated working technique.

Organic honey is solely obtained from our own-planted beehives with our adequate technical support and effective routes. This enables us to be India's leading honey providers, with a commitment to exporting 100 percent pure honey around the world. So, choose our products and services to help you achieve more success as a consumer and as a vendor.

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The Best Quality Organic Honey is waiting for You!


Rakesh Gupta

I recently brought Multi flora Honey from RBF Pharma. It was really good in taste and ingredients were healthy also. The quality was also very good. I recommended to others, this is a firm for getting satisfied high quality honey like raw honey, natural & organic honey many more... Thumbs up!

Vikaas Malik

I have buy the honey from rbf pharma. I appreciate the range of product they serve because they are simply pure, natural and trustworthy comparatively from others. Thank you

D.K Rana

I want to say, this is a high Quality Honey Supplier Company with own Brand (Raman Beekeeping Firm). A Very courtesies owner maintain fair business products & services.

Roopkishor Singh

Basically, I want start my own business and I was looking a Beekeeping firm where I could learn the beekeeping. I had meet with Raman Beekeeping Firm's beekeeping trainers and found they have excellent knowledge about beekeeping. I had learn here and started my business also. They had also support me time to time after completed my training. Well I was lucky that I had found this organization for my learning experience. I recommended to other’s members who want to beekeeping training. Thank you